In a letter to Justin Kelly of Templeton Events, Mr Barry Hulme of Greenray Capital writes:

"The identification of things that make Templeton different from many other companies in your sector. Well that is simple; it is you and Robin. When we place business with Templeton, we deal exclusively with the two of you, not with a junior member of staff. My past experiences with other companies in your sector, is that one deals with an allocated manager, who is more often than not very young with a nice personality, but who lacks knowledge, experience and ability to manage the expectations of the client.

More particularly:

  • When developing an event, you never seem short of ideas about what to do, where to go and what is right for the particular occasion.

  • You attend each event in person and oversee the delivery.

  • During the event, you always seem to keep a close eye on the quality of delivery by parties providing services or catering.

  • When you have employed people to serve your guests, they have generally been really good people, who show commitment and seem to care.

  • You also seem always to be alert to the perceptions of your clients.

My overall view is that you put great effort into delivering what you have promised."

Barry Hulme
Greenray Capital