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July 2012

Justin and Robin started working together in the events industry in 1993. We felt we could improve on the standards commonly being offered in this unregulated industry.For the first few years we provided hospitality packages at sporting events only, but it soon became apparent that there was a demand within our client base for hospitality packages at cultural events too, which we of course acted upon.We now have good relationships with sporting and cultural venues throughout the UK, and some in Europe, and can offer official hospitality packages at all of them.In addition, many of our clients began to ask us if we could look after their customers in different settings  - product launches, promotions, conferences, media events and the like, and so the scope of our services widened again.>Some of our clients also wanted us to look after their own staff, through incentives, team incentives, rewards and team building.So Templeton has now evolved into an expert provider of hospitality packages and bespoke packages, and we hope it is a useful resource for our clients.

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June 2012
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