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What’s the point of Sports Hospitality anyway?

Let’s be honest about things; when a client or a supplier accepts an invitation to spend the day with you at a major sporting event, they are not coming primarily for the pleasure of your company. That is not to say that they do not enjoy your company, but would they leave their family or their workplace to spend a day with you under different, less entertaining circumstances?

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A way of thinking...

Did you know that there exists a philosophical approach behind our success?

Did you know that a hell of a lot of careful thinking goes into every event that we deliver? We believe that this is why, after more than two decades, we are still in business and have long standing and trusting relationships with our customers. 

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Six Nations Championship 2018

Centred right to left: Ireland's Mick Galway and Templeton's Justin Kelly. 
Just some of the Irishmen working hard at Twickenham on St Patrick's Day.


As the 124th edition of the tournament commenced, with the bonus point system still in swing, all eyes were on the team who could not only dominate the Six Nations Table but also attain the Triple Crown and Grand Slam, ensuring them an additional 3 bonus points.

Ireland had denied England the Grand Slam and Triple Crown last year. Tensions rise in the wait to see if England could go all the way this year as defending champions.

Few would have missed out on the action this year. 

At Templeton Events, we always have a Director present at all times to ensure everything is set up correctly prior to the arrival of you and your party, and to ensure the day continues to run smoothly throughout. Towards the end of the event, we ensure that nothing has been accidentally misplaced or left behind and return it safely to its rightful owner. We also provide personalised table placecards so you can plan in advance where you would like guests to sit during your lunch. Templeton Events offers consistency from one event to the next.

The results of this year’s 2018 tournament were as follows:

1. Ireland – 5W 0L – 26 points - Grand Slam and Triple Crown Winners

2. Wales – 3W 2L – 15 points

3. Scotland – 3W 2L – 13 points

4. France – 2W 3L – 11 points

5. England – 2W 3L – 10 points

6. Italy – 0W 5L – 1 point

Top try scorer this year was awarded to Ireland’s 21-year-old Jacob Stockdale, scoring 7 tries in total,
followed by Italy’s Minozzi and England’s May, who scored 4 tries each.


Here’s how [most of] the tournament unfolded: 

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Six Nations Championship 2017

Manu Tuilagi not playing for England at the France match at Twickenham due to injury - chatting with Templeton's Robin Mays. 

2017 Six Nations Championship was certainly a notable one
For the 123rd edition of the tournament, the 2017 Six Nations Championship was certainly a notable one. For the first time in the Six Nations, this year saw the introduction of the bonus point system in which a team scoring four or more tries in a match were awarded an additional league table point. In addition to this, a winner of a Grand Slam (all five matches) would be awarded three bonus points as so to ensure a clear Championship win. 

England had won the Grand Slam and the Triple Crown last year in 2016 – could they muster up the same strength and determination and do it again?

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Japanese Food for Dummies


1. Make your way over to a quality Japanese restaurant or if you're in London try Kiku.

Kiku restaurant is a contemporary Japanese restaurant on Half Moon Street in Mayfair known across London as one of the most authentic of its kind. The design of the restaurant is minimalist and dignified, a clear reflection of Japanese culture. The rooms are long and narrow, plainly furnished with light wood with rattan screens that stop it being monotonous. As we entered, the staff greeted us with a friendly welcome, allowing us to change our booking and sit at the counter for a unique view of the food preparation.

For the first few visits to Japanese restaurants, it is good to go to the more high end examples as you will be looked after very well and likely to feel comfortable about the experience. Soon you will be a natural. Being more relaxed you will enjoy the atmosphere, the subtlety of the flavours and begin to experiment with the more unusual menu choices for example sea urchin (Japanese word "Uni" pronounced oo-nee).

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Greenray Group Team Event, Edinburgh

St Georges day was spent in a sunny Edinburgh for a large contingent of the Greenray Group and their partners.

We hope you enjoy our short film of the event.

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Close to you - What's it all about?

Bacharach Reimagined...

Effortlessly Cool...

A seriously fun evening with Templeton Events...

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Royal Ascot - Dress Code


So another Royal Ascot comes to an end, and not just any Royal Ascot, but one held in the Diamond Jubilee year of Her Majesty The Queen.


In many ways, it was arguably the best Royal Ascot ever - not just because of the above, but with the performances of Frankel and Black Caviar, Frankie winning the Gold Cup, and a Royal winner to boot (all of which I am sure you have already witnessed or read about), the racing managed to overshadow the fashion. And it is the latter that I would like to briefly touch upon...


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The art of giving back

Is the Art of Giving Back is Good Business Practice... 

Honest and trusting relationships with our clients...
I’m a firm believer in what goes around, comes around. We’ve always tried our best to practise good business karma, and I believe that it has helped us enormously in forging honest and trusting relationships with our clients.

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Wimbledon - Surprise and Certitude

An almost equal measure...

As usual, Wimbledon this year mixed surprises and inevitability in almost equal measure. In the Men’s Championship, Rafa Nadal went out early to the dreadlocked Dustin Brown, although this should not really have been such a shock as Brown had beaten him last year in Germany.

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I was recently asked what my favourite restaurants in London are and at the time I mentioned a few that I tend to use most regularly because of their proximity to my home. I am no Jay Rayner, but I use restaurants on a regular basis. London offers so many excellent choices, being asked to pick a favourite is a bit like being asked to pick your favourite grain of rice – mostly they are very good and the bad ones get noticed. When I have a London meeting, generally the location is relevant to the meeting agenda so I consider the area, the hotels and/or restaurants I have been to, or heard about. I also consider the client, the number of attendees and the message and image I am attempting to portray.

"Designing and delivering bespoke events"

We do business with a wide spectrum of individuals who are often at senior management level. They themselves have a wide range of requirements from us as a provider of bespoke team-building events, sporting and cultural days for senior management, client relationship development and incentives. We are experienced in designing and delivering bespoke events including opera in Verona, flamenco in Madrid and surfing in Cascais to name but a few. We work with a number of hotels including Belgraves, The Dorchester, Flemings, and Brown's. We believe team-building weekends work best in smaller boutique properties. For Notting Hill Carnival we recommend a party size of twelve individuals. All ages and genders welcome.

"Avoid stress in all its guises"

For me, Notting Hill Carnival is a relatively relaxed affair and one which I particularly enjoy. This is probably due to experience and having learned how to do it right, knowing what to expect and how to avoid stress in all its guises.

Food critic Jay Rayner appreciates good food. He does not generally stand on ceremony. He appreciates good food whether it's from a pop up trending eatery during fringe or an established house of tradition. I respect this as the healthiest way to enjoy life as well as food. Jerk chicken at London's Carnival is heavenly – again like rice, lots on offer.

"So ladies remember your shewee"

Carnival is colourful, with lots of dancing, Wray and Nephew rum, jerk chicken and curried goat, but mostly it is the atmosphere of sunshine and smiles whatever the weather.
A journalist for one of the broadsheets recently wrote in a Notting Hill Carnival review that “people looked like they had gotten lost on their way to the Reading Festival" – I think this journalist misses the spirit of the occasion. The gentle souls that attend Carnival who make up the vast majority of those that dance on the street are at all times polite, considerate and generous in their nature. As an event industry specialist who has been attending Carnival for more than twenty years, I or any of my fellow Carnival fan friends and colleagues have never been to the Reading Festival or want to for that matter. No disrespect to any inhabitants of Reading who may be reading…

So ladies remember your "shewee", and I recommend we all stick to Wray and Nephew overproof. All will be excellent on your bank holiday weekend in London.


Here is a poet’s painting in words:


I smell the blue smoke as far as I can see and feel the throbbing beneath my feet
It makes my clavicle a tuning fork and I want to swallow everyone I meet
The sun is our biggest fan and it is shining down on all of us having fun
It's a black thing with a white thing, it's the heavenly stars bouncing on the pavement
When they ask me what is was like this time I have to shout, I can't hear myself think

Just feeling myself

To pick one's view of the sparkling pilgrims descending en masse is breath taking
Everyone is smiling and gyrating and unguarded and good looking for the occasion
Of course life can never be like a porn film but sometimes it's just a carnival instead
An army of brazen carefree fools grinding slavishly to the grooves, it's a star thing
And I have come to worship the checkout girl who is being Queen Nefertiti for a day

The details are sketchy.

To hear a skanking wizard convert a heaving brethren to a small island religion with a tune
To whoop and throw your hands in the air with a family man feeling like you actually care
Or just about to rave with the hardcore stood foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Look
What an awesome sight to behold the HGVs threaten to rumble a little further down the streets
The flash of joy is deafening and formidable, contagious and courageous and disarming.
This is the army we should have sent into Baghdad

Such is the momentum

Why should the things that turn us on always make ourselves feel sad? Is feeling good really that bad?
This is the feast I know I don't deserve yet instant gratification takes too long and it's later than you think
I want to be here forever and I want it now. These are the promises we make to ourselves but never keep
I may be damned but if I am these are the people I am going to be damned with, especially her over there
I'm not sure if my life would be my life without moments like these. Hello everyone. Wish you were here

Notting Hill Carnival 2K7

By Gabriel Gee